Primary  and Secondary Sessions 

Sessions last 50 minutes. Rather than book lessons individually, lessons are booked in term blocks so that a flowing curriculum can ensue (please see ‘term dates’ page for dates).

All groups have  a maximum of 4 pupils and are taught by Jillian Wells, a qualified teacher. 

All new children will be issued with their own maths book, which they will use throughout the term.

Home Education Sessions (for pupils aged 5 to 16) – Thurs 9:10 am to 1:30 pm

I am aware that children are home educated for a range of reasons. The structue of these sessions are flexible to reflect this. If your child is intending to take GCSE/iGCSEs in the future we can work towards these. However, if you want your child to focus on the functional Maths for life, I can also do this. 

Children in Year 3 to Year 5

I have created a well – rounded curriculum, which I teach in Primary sessions. Each lesson will cover a different aspect of the National Curriculum and activities will be differentiated to ensure each child can access the session and receive a positive learning experience. This said, if a pupil comes to me and asks to work on a different topic in one particular week I will alter my planning to accommodate this.

Children in Year 6 to Year 11

I tend to teach my Year 6 students more like the students in my secondary sessions because most of them are working towards their SATs. This means planning is more flexible and likely to change according to where we are in the curriculum.

With the new secondary curriculum having been updated and now having similar strands for most year groups, I feel it is beneficial to teach secondary school age children in fully mixed groups.  

These sessions are much more flexible than the primary sessions. Pupils occasionally come to my sessions requesting to focus on a topic they are struggling with at school and if this is the case will focus on that for the duration of the lesson. However, if they have no preference on a topic I have an array of fully planned resources to hand which I can use to develop knowledge and understanding of most aspects of the Maths curriculum.

Year 11 Target Grade Groups (new for September 2023)

There will be 2 Year 11 Target groups in September:

Foundation group for students aiming for a 4/5

Higher group for students aiming for a 6

In these groups the students will be taught altogether and taught the same topics, with the aim of achieving their targeted grade in their GCSE exams.