Who will teach my child?

I will be the one teaching your child; Jillian Wells. I set up Top of the Class Tuition and will be the only one who will teach.

Tell me a bit about yourself

I moved to Farnham in 2012. I am a qualified primary teacher, wife and mum of 2 young and lively little boys.

How long have you been teaching?

I started teaching as a Primary School Teacher in 2007 and have spent time working in state and independent schools. I have been tutoring even longer. Maths is my favourite subject and so most of my tuition has been Maths orientated although I have also taught English, Special Needs and Entrance examination skills as well.

Why group tuition?

I find 1 to 1 sessions put a lot of focus on the pupil, which some students are not comfortable with. By having peers of a very similar age in the group, there is less pressure on each pupil. Fellow learners can also encourage learning by sharing ideas and offering support.

How can you make sure learning is at the right level for my child?

PRIMARY – I have planned sessions so that there is at least 5 different levels within every session. This means I can tailor every session to your child’s ability.

SECONDARY – With an array of resources I am able to source activities which are at the correct level for your child.

How do secondary school age sessions differ to primary school age sessions?

Primary sessions are planned so that there is a new topic most weeks. For secondary sessions are much more flexible.  I tend to cover what the child is doing at school that week, especially if there is something they are finding challenging. I am happy to be led by parents and pupils to which topics we cover during secondary sessions, although I do have planned sessions that I will teach as well.

Are sessions suitable for my gifted or struggling child?

Yes, my planning allows for all pupils to reach their potential and beyond. Differentiation means I always have challenging and support activities every session.

How many pupils will be in the session?

There are a maximum of 4 pupils per session.

How long are your sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Why do you not offer drop-in sessions?

By offering the same group time every week it allows children to become familiar with the other pupils in the group making them feel more comfortable and relaxed about attending each week.  Some of my tutees who met in sessions even catch up outside of sessions and are now firm friends.

How long are your terms?

Terms are generally inline with school terms, although there may be one or two weeks which are slightly different.

How many terms are there per year?

There are 3 terms, with the third term going into the school holidays.

Do you offer home education sessions?

Yes I do. Please get in touch to see what times and days I can offer.