June 2019 “Thank you Jillian [😃] having tution with you has made a huge difference with both his knowledge and confidence. So a huge thank you”

April 2019 “Jillian has a way of explaining maths to my son that his school just hasn’t got the time or inclination to do so. He has been attending for a few years and will get continuous support from Jillian throughout his GCSEs. He enjoys his time with Jillina and we definitely recommend the classes.”

April 2019 “My daughter loves her maths tuition, she is now finding maths a lot easier to understand and willingly has a desire to learn more and more.”

August 2017 “My son had maths lessons every Saturday morning with Jillian for almost 3 years up until the end of year 6. It was a very small group of 2-3 children and was very helpful and convenient. Thanks Jillian”

April 2017 “Thanks for all your help with his maths these last couple of years”

September 2016 “Great maths tuition. Highly recommended to others. Really nice lady who understood my child’s needs and took her under her wing and made maths fun and wanting her to learn again. Very pleased and happy parent”

September 2016 “She loved the session thank you”